Counterfeit Cannanumb® Hits Retailers and Online Sellers Including Amazon..

November 15, 2021, Weston, FL. Cannanumb® Hemp Seed Oil Pain Relief Roll-On has been on the market since April of 2019. The product has received rave reviews across all media and has received over 900 high star ratings on Amazon. Cannanumb® is a Registered United States Trademark Reg. No. 5,846,780. We want to thank all of the loyal and satisfied customers who have used Cannanumb® for the past 2 years. Unfortunately, the owner of Cannanumb®, Cannanumb® LLC (Formerly Hempagenix, LLC) has temporarily ceased all business operations, including the manufacturing of Cannanumb®. We plan on bringing back Cannanumb® hopefully sometime in Q1 2022. We have learned there have been counterfeit Cannanumb® products on the market that look exactly like the real Cannanumb® bottle, including the label which lists Cannanumb® LLC as the distributor. Cannanumb® LLC did not have these counterfeit products manufactured. These products did not go through the process of FDA registration as an Over the Counter (OTC) drug. The original Cannanumb® product did go through FDA registration and holds the FDA NDC #72614-265-02 which expires in December 2021. This is irrelevant since all Cannanumb® Roll-On bottles previously manufactured for Cannanumb® LLC have expired on May 31, 2021. Please note… the counterfeit product is marked with Lot #F30S19 and EXP 09/23, please do not be fooled by this. The counterfeit product poses an immediate safety concern to the public for many reasons…. One critical reason other than the product being counterfeit, the product label states under the “Directions” “for use on Adults and children 2 years of age and older”. This is incorrect since the original Cannanumb® should be used only on Adults and Children over 12 years.

AMAZON – The counterfeit Cannanumb® product is currently listed on Amazon under the ASIN #B07QNCVD8B. The product ships from Amazon and sold by J A Distributions of Weston, FL. Please don’t be fooled by this company as having a similar address to Cannanumb® LLC. We strongly suggest you return your Cannanumb® bottle to Amazon and request a full refund, as well as filing a complaint with Amazon against JA Distributions for selling counterfeit Cannanumb®. If you purchased your bottle of Cannanumb® from another source other than Amazon, please do not use the bottle and return it to the place of purchase.

If you would like to be notified when the real Cannanumb® becomes available again, please send an e-mail to 2022@cannanumb.com with your request.

Thank you for your loyal and continued support – Team Cannanumb!